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Heartfelt: Why I started

April 14, 2017

I felt it’s important to tell you guys why I started photography/video and what continues to drive me in this business. Thanks for reading ❤️


Why I started:


Looking back on my home videos and photo albums bring an immediate smile to my face. The memories rush back into head and I honestly feel so much joy. When I was young I didn’t like getting my picture taken, my mom would constantly be bringing my brother and I on the front yard to take pictures. Sometimes it was our sports uniforms, halloween outfits, or even new school clothes; never the less she was always there to capture the moment. As I look back on life I couldn’t have thanked her enough for introducing me to the camera. I’m able to watch our home videos and hear her voice, see her smile. Memories I get to preserve forever, thanks to her. My mom is the inspiration behind why I started this business, and the reason for the arrow in my design. Christine Bloom, you will always be the inspiration behind my images and videos. Even though you may not be physically here, you will always guide me where I need to go. 



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