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Prices range from $2-3k. Please contact me for more details

I focus on creating a unique and customized video for each bride and groom because all love stories are different! I take time to get to know each couple so that I can capture & produce a film that reflects both personalities. I don't offer your typical 3-4 hour wedding video.I take the most important pieces of your day and incorporate them into two wedding films.



All packages include:


 Highlight Film 

  3-5 minute film that highlights the perfect parts of your day.

This film incorporates audio and creative music. It's the perfect amount of time to share with others.  

Wedding Film

20-45 minute extra footage film that features the main events of your day.


 This video gives you a longer, more detailed look at your ceremony & reception. 

 Along with my passion for photography, I have always been fascinated by video. Video allows you see and hear emotion, which is what I love most! My goal is to document each priceless moment of your wedding day with great focus on detail and raw emotion. I work directly with the photographer, to make it a smooth and easy day for both bride & groom. The rest of the time I will be looking for opportunities to capture candid moments during the ceremony & reception in an unobtrusive way.